Background as doctor would help in Congress

Updated 2/12/2018 2:27 PM

As a nurse, I don't need to remind anyone about the out-of-control health care costs that our career politicians have failed to address. This is why I'm supporting Dr. Shah in the 10th District Republican primary. It's time that we elect a congressman who has a real background with the problems that we all face.

As a doctor, Sapan has a unique insight into our health care problems. What we need is a health care professional, not a professional politician, to fix our broken system. As a nurse, I've seen first hand the lack of transparency and competition in the workplace which leads to higher medical costs.

Sapan's plan is to reduce health care costs by reducing medical costs. Dr. Shah will increase transparency and competition which will lower the costs of health care. I've seen politician after politician promise to deliver on fixing our health care. Unfortunately, those promises either made it worse or they never came to fruition.

I'm supporting Dr. Shah because he's not a career politician, and he has the experience to fix the issues that impact all of us. Sapan's background gives him great insight on how to reduce medical costs because he has seen the industry from a doctor's perspective. It's the experience that matters in fixing problems, not the buzzwords that any politician can say.

Francesca Taylor

Lake Villa

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