Don't forget 'prince' on World Peace Day

Posted1/13/2018 1:00 AM

On the surface, the olio gathering of religious leaders to wish and pray for peace looks and sounds wonderful. However, the one key ingredient to all of this seems to be totally ignored.

We just celebrated the annunciation and the human appearance of Jesus, truly God and truly man, who is the real Prince of Peace. Without our allegiance and obedience to the only Savior of mankind, man can make every attempt at brotherhood and world peace, but in the end all of it will be futile.

Just review the scope of human history to see how far man has gotten in this misplaced idea that all we need are humanitarian efforts, "Kumbaya", and all will be well. Short-term solutions at best.

The only answer to true and lasting peace is found in the Lord Jesus Christ; none other nor any scheme or process that sinful man can devise. We can all do our individual part to be bridge builders, loving, accepting, inclusive and forgiving; but, it is only through the grace and mercy of the Sovereign God that it will be rewarded and everlasting.

Allen V. Klay


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