Best response is to stand against harassment

Updated 1/4/2018 3:39 PM

On my last day home for the holidays, I had the misfortune of reading Rich Lorimer's letter to the editor titled "Let courts determine truth of harassment."

Sir, what misogynistic history book taught you that timeline of sexual expression and harassment between men and women?

This is the entire crux of the sexual harassment problem in this country -- a man painting the picture that a woman is not to be believed. I won't get into the nuanced details of the judicial process, the costs that it could amount to for some women, the humiliation she could suffer, or the very plausible repercussions against her that could result from trial.

Perhaps an easier solution to this problem would be for men to take a stand against harassment, and not be complicit when they see it taking place.

And perhaps, when a woman says "me too," instead of immediately casting doubt on her, men can support her, listen to her, and do everything they can to make sure these incidents don't happen again.

Certainly seems easier and more logical than lengthy court proceedings, doesn't it Rich?

Matthew James


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