We should learn to live with coyotes, wild life

Posted10/31/2017 1:00 AM

It saddened me to read Grayslake is hiring trappers to catch coyotes after a few complaints.

Mother Nature has been pretty good at determining what fits where. And man has been pretty good at destroying it. When we cut down the forests, the wolves left. (Those not exterminated by ranchers.) Wolves are the only natural enemy of the coyote. When the coyotes leave, there will be an increase in the rodent population because rodents are the favorite diet of coyotes.


Coyotes are really relatively small (18 to 35 pounds), timid creatures and we invite them to our table by leaving our garbage and pet food available.

We have taken over their natural habitats. In many urban, areas people are learning to live with wildlife instead of destroying it.

Joan Baillie


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