No need to mention Duckworth's dress

Posted8/23/2017 12:01 AM

No need to mention Duckworth's dress

In Kerry Lester's Suburban Rundown article appearing Aug. 14, she wrote that, on Senator Tammy Duckworth's appearance on the Seth Meyer show, she "wore a short leather dress revealing her prosthetic legs."


I do not understand why Ms. Lester found it necessary to include that description, especially since there was an accompanying picture.

Let me make this observation: My sister had to have a leg amputated above the knee a couple years ago. She told me she now understands why many amputees wear shorts. Slacks and longer skirts can cause problems when they come in contact with the knee part of the prosthetic, and this was her experience.

In writing a news article, the writer should consider how a statement comes across to the reader. It came across to me as a criticism of her dress.

Rhoda Purcell


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