Wrong priorities

Updated 5/22/2017 10:33 AM

Instead of working to solve our state's catastrophic challenges, Michael Madigan and his partner Sam Yingling just passed a bill for taxpayer-funded abortions at a cost of $60 million. The state pension system is in the red and a big drain on state finances, schools are underfunded and the roads are not being maintained, but Rep. Yingling thinks all these and other needs of the state are not as important as state funding for abortion.

We still don't have a budget. Springfield yet again shows it's tone-deaf to the concerns of Illinois residents. In 2018, we need to remember that Rep. Sam Yingling and friends have ignored the murder rate in Chicago, the state of Illinois' near-junk bond credit rating, its backlog of unpaid bills and a whole host of other real problems. Rep. Yingling has instead added to the mounting financial problems of our state.

Connie Shanahan


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