Obstructionism by ACLU

Posted4/18/2017 1:00 AM

Thank you for having Vicki Wilson's article on the front page April 10. Talk about a voice of reason. I believe in individual rights, but also the greater good. The ACLU has done some wonderful things since it began in 1920; however, like too many such groups, it has become a power hungry organization. Below is a quote from their national executive director Anthony Romero: "If we carpet-bomb the Trump administration with lawsuits, we can rob it of momentum and gum up the machinery of its anti-civil liberties and anti-civil rights agenda. This litigation is expensive and time-consuming. The average case takes between two and three years, with some lasting a decade or more. As we ramp up our litigation and advocacy, we need to have the staying power to keep up after President Trump all four years and beyond." There is no evidence of an anti-civil liberties and anti-civil rights agenda, but it sure is a way to garner contributions.

Joan Baillie



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