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updated: 4/17/2017 10:49 AM

Mob mentality rules media on O'Reilly

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I am no longer young, and somewhere over the course of my life, "civility" has become a dirty word, Whether or not Bill O'Reilly acted inappropriately no longer appears to be at issue as some very vocal members of the press seem to have decided that he is guilty of something and that he and everyone associated with him should, metaphorically, be drawn and quartered.

If Mr. O'Reilly's audience finds him guilty, they need only vote with their feet and cease watching/listening to his show. His ratings would go down, and the sponsors would make a business decision based on how they spend their advertising dollars. Why this Rush to Judgement by the media?

I was under the impression that the Legitimate News reported news, but it is becoming increasingly clear, that they also shape the news to suit their own purposes. This mob mentality leaves me cold.

Barbara Neuman


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