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posted: 4/17/2017 12:01 AM

Children are hurt by these beliefs

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  • Gearah Goldstein

    Gearah Goldstein


Vicki Wilson, being born a transgender person is a rare human experience, but it is something I experience. Unlike other experiences, there are not words we can share that explain the complex realities of being transgender.

We can say "I'm hungry" and understand immediately what that experience is like. If I say "I'm transgender," it's impossible for you to understand me because you are likely not transgender. Hunger is not a choice, as it happens biologically. Being born transgender is also not a choice, as it happens biologically.

Vicki, my life is not a debate. Debate is a social behavior. It is a behavior people employ when they harbor a deeply held belief. Some people even feel a tremendous need to share beliefs and have others believe the same. The difference between you and I, however, is that you are sharing beliefs and I am sharing experiences. In your April 10 essay, you warn about potential harm caused by transgender children but you have not experienced it.

You express anger and pain about children sharing public spaces, but you are not a child. Because your words are beliefs and not experiences, you must rely on convincing others. My experiences do not require convincing anyone. They are simply my experiences and experience is what creates progress.

Progress is what is happening outside your beliefs. Every major hospital network, college, university and top companies worldwide treat and recruit new employees around policies of diversity and inclusion. The federal courts are continually siding with people who have been discriminated against because of their gender identity or sexuality. This is what progress looks like and it is based on medical fact and respecting the real experiences of people.

What you can believe, Vicki, is that you hurt children with your beliefs. I have seen them experience it.

Gearah Goldstein

Highland Park

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