Court clerk employees not treated well

Updated 10/28/2016 10:23 AM

As a recent retiree of the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk's Office, (after working there for 30 years), I need to let the public know that Mr. Brin has not been completely truthful during this campaign.

None of the employees resisted any of the technological changes he planned for the office. We welcomed it. It just never happened as promised.


What the employees did resist was being treated like his personal property. Mr. Brin does not respect the employees of his office and does not value the hard work they do each day in maintaining the accurate record of the court.

He bullies the staff and punishes those that dare say anything in opposition to his view. He will say whatever it takes in order to get re-elected.

Since his term in office, there has been an increase in staff turnover compared to the past administration. Although he claims that the reduction in staff is due to streamlining, it has actually put a cumbersome burden on the staff, who while trying to do their own job, are at times required to go to other departments within the office to help out, because they are so short staffed, which keeps them from being able to do their own jobs.

When I left, the employees were extremely overworked and could not possibly keep up with the daily demands of the job. That is not an efficient way to run an office. Doing more with less is not always best, especially when it comes to someone's legal record.

Charlene Craft


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