Vote for Johnson is vote for real change

Posted10/8/2016 1:00 AM

I was glad to see Scott from Antioch support Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and speak out on the broken two-party system that exists today.

It saddens me that our government, which once worked together to take care of its citizens and own issues to make America such a great place, spends their time constantly fighting with each other, putting their own agendas, interests, and donors ahead of the great privilege of representing the citizens of this country.


Abraham Lincoln, who was a third-party candidate, is rolling over in his grave while Trump and Clinton criticize each other, avoiding the reality of the real issues.

Gary's record as a two-term governor in New Mexico speaks for itself. He cut taxes and spending and put people before politics as a Republican in a Democratic state. Gary admits if he makes a mistake (which politician last did that without the threat of some sort of scandal breaking loose?) and uses his listening skills to actually listen, instead of just listening to strike back with a response.

He's a personable leader who wants to mend our divided government while putting the American people first. The two-party system continues to push the idea that voting for a third party is a wasted vote.

In reality it's voting for someone that you believe in. It doesn't matter if Trump or Clinton are elected. America's debt will continue to rise. The parties will continue to fight for their own interests until the next election when the cycle resets itself.

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I agree with Scott. It's time for an end to the two-party atrocity. A vote for Gary Johnson, is a vote for Gary Johnson, and most important of all, it's a vote for real change in a system that's crying for it.

Derek Hartmann


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