School upgrade good for community

Posted3/13/2014 5:01 AM

I'm a retired senior citizen on a fixed income. I've never had children or grandchildren in Round Lake Area District 116 schools, but I'm still going to vote "yes" for the addition to Round Lake High School, and I thank the Daily Herald for their positive endorsement.

Our students need and deserve all the help they can get in order to develop into citizens who will make positive contributions to our society.


District 116 adopted a new curriculum this year toward that end. Now physical facilities are needed to help achieve this goal. An addition to the high school will alleviate severe overcrowding, ensure that all physical education classes meet the state minimum requirements, allow some special needs students to attend classes at their high school, and provide technology tools for the demands of the 21st century.

These efforts will hopefully make the necessary improvements to our community to help raise our property values. Good schools lead to people desiring to live in our community.

The referendum will not cause an increase in the property tax rate. By restructuring existing bonds and issuing new bonds at a lower interest rate, the property tax rate will remain stable at its present value.

Please vote "yes" for an addition to Round Lake High School in the March 18 election.

Georgeann Duberstein